• How do I book my spa access reservation?

Spa access is free for both guests staying at the hotel and guests staying off property. Reservations are required for all! Please follow this link for more info.

  • How do I get around?

Find our updated guidance for getting around The Gorge here, including information on the Friday shuttle service.

  • Is there a dress code?

No, there is no required dress code for any events. We encourage your individual creativity in selecting festive attire that enhances your enjoyment of the weekend (and subsequently, your satisfaction with any photographic evidence of your attendance).

Weather in the Gorge can vary dramatically due to the unique geographic features. June is typically dry, with cooler temperatures down to 50 F in the morning/evening, and highs between 70-80 F during the day. Fires are not uncommon in the Cascades during the summer, and while we hope the air will be crisp and clear, sensitive groups should be prepared for the possibility of some smoke and/or haze.

  • Do you have a registry for gifts?

Although we appreciate any and all gifts, please consider your presence at our event more than sufficient-- gifts are not expected or required. If you must select a gift, please consider one of our funds or charitable gift cards as a primary option. For example, you can elect to offset your carbon and water footprint for traveling and attending our party.

You can find our registry here.

  • What is your COVID-19 protocol?

At current, there are no masking requirements for individuals in Washington or Oregon state, outside of healthcare settings. As an extra measure of safety for our family and friends, proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (including booster if applicable) is required for all event guests. For guests who are unable to provide proof of confirmed vaccination status, there is an alternative testing option- if you wish to choose this option, you must get our prior written approval and agree to these conditions. This policy is subject to change at any point based on local restrictions & recommendations.

  • Should I come to the events on Friday & Saturday?

We're offering events on Friday, assuming that most guests will fly into Portland that morning/afternoon or on Thursday evening-- most westbound flights to PDX depart early (before 10AM) or late (after 7PM). We'd love to see you at a Friday event, and hope you can take the time to enjoy a full weekend in the Cascades, but we understand it may not be an option for everyone. Similarly, eastbound departures from PDX on Sundays normally depart before mid-day or late in the evening (and operate overnight). Most guests will likely want to head back to PDX just after breakfast on Sunday AM to catch their flights home during the daytime.