COVID-19 Protocol

At current, there are no masking requirements for individuals in Washington or Oregon state, outside of healthcare settings. As an extra measure of safety for our family and friends, proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (including booster if applicable) is required for all event guests. For guests who are unable to provide proof of confirmed vaccination status, there is an alternative testing option- if you wish to choose this option, you must get our prior written approval and agree to these conditions. This policy is subject to change at any point based on local restrictions & recommendations.

Testing Opt-In

  • We would encourage you to get vaccinated. Vaccines are safe and effective- they protect you, your friends, your family, and our event guests.

  • If you are not vaccinated, you can request an 'Opt-In' for the Testing Protocol. Keep in-mind we reserve the right to change this protocol and your participation at any point. We will provide you with written approval via email.

  • You can choose either PCR or Rapid Antigen testing options as follows:

    • PCR (NAAT or RT molecular test), performed no earlier than 1 day before the first event you attend.*

      • *If you are attending your first event Friday, your test may be performed no earlier than Thursday, JUN 16. If you are only attending Saturday, your test may be performed no earlier than Friday, JUN 17.

    • Antigen (Rapid), performed day-of the event, for each day you attend an event.**

      • **If you are attending both Friday and Saturday, you will need to take two tests (1 Friday and 1 Saturday).

    • ALL tests must include a CLIA lab certified result. Self-testing is only allowed if it includes a virtual proctor and a CLIA lab certified result. For this reason, we recommend considering eMed which allows you to test anywhere and receive your CLIA certified results virtually.

  • Unvaccinated guests will be required to wear masks during indoor events- currently all major events are planned outside (or with outside options), however this could change if we encounter inclement weather. Please plan accordingly and also consider any applicable requirements for using the Spa at the hotel, which has both indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Once you have been approved for Testing Opt-In we will share further details on how to submit your results.